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Family Patterns Matter

Mending the Hearts of Life and Family

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We are a non-profit, a safe haven, and a character builder. Check out upcoming events & get involved! Read about how we are improving. If you know someone that needs support please contact us.

Family Patterns Matter is a Youth Generated Organization. We know a positive influence entering a child’s life at any age, will change that life forever.


Bringing our idea to life

Founded in 2013, in Coweta County Georgia, the board of directors made a decision to be a youth based development organization. The board of directors, peopled with successful professional community leaders designed a strategic plan for success. The purpose is in defining generational patterns in families to allow for positive results so the next generation has the opportunity to thrive.

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Teens don't tell about being bullied


More likely a girl teen being bullied than a boy


Kids have been bullied online

Ready to join the fight against bullying?

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